What hardware do you use?

I bought a Lenovo IdeaPad 330, the cheapest Lenovo I could find which still had decent build quality. Lenovos seem the best ones to get if you’re not going to go for a MacBook. Data is scattered over multiple SD cards and hard drives, with huge overlaps. I like to keep multiple copies just in case something starts failing.

My laptop runs GNU/Linux.

My main mobile device is an Xperia X Compact. I use it to keep in touch with friends and family, and listen to music.

And what software?

I try to have a limited number of stuff I need:

Web surfing (w3m/Google Chrome)

Writing (Vim)

Command line (GNOME Terminal)

All my writing is done in plaintext, and whichever programming language I’m working with.

Everything I’m working on stays in a folder called “Development”. I don’t like nesting that much, so I just download and keep my programs each contained in a single folder (which is also checked into git). I keep scripts that build my command-line, and install various programs in my dotfiles repository.

When I need to work on something, I open a new screen window and detach from the session when I’m done. I’ve read that doing this eats your RAM and that tmux is a better alternative.